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A space where you're allowed to change your thinking

A Previous Café of Ideas

MONEY MONEY MONEY: Must be funny

Date: Thu 24 February 2011
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Venue: Coexist, Bristol

Does the current capitalist system work pretty well, all things considered? Was the recent economic meltdown the sign of a system that's fundamentally had it's day, or was it just a temporary blip and we can now get back to business as usual? Or could we create a new social order that's more responsible, just and humane and that better supports human flourishing?

"If you think money can't buy happiness, you don't know where to shop."


From The Event - Richard Turner's 3 Minute Short Shot

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Another Previous Café of Ideas

HAPPINESS: Who wants some?

We all want happiness, of course. And yet, after thousands of years of culture - of philosophy, of religion, of science - we still don't seem to have much idea how to get it. So what really does make a human being happy? And how can we organise our lives and our society for optimal happiness?

We had Chris Johnstone, Jewels Wingfield, Liz Zeidler and Miriam Akhtar on the panel, with the The Blood Choir and Light Box performing.

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Café of Ideas creates a space where you're allowed to change your thinking. We put on events in a cabaret style with a mix of panel-led discussion on a global theme, live entertainment, food and drink. Move away from fear towards possibility - whilst having a great time!

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