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Join The Team

We're always seeking people to join the Café of Ideas team.

We're not just seeking volunteers, we're seeking entrepreneurial leaders and partners with the necessary level of commitment and enthusiasm to take this project to the next level - bigger, bolder and economically viable for all concerned.

Café of Ideas now has a manifesto and if you haven't experienced a Café of Ideas event, take a look at our past events.

If you'd like to play a part in furthering the Café of Ideas vision, or if you think you know someone who might be, please go to the "Enquiry Form" page and for the field labelled "Nature of enquiry", select "I'm interested in playing a role on the team" .

Like many such initiatives, our biggest challenge is to get more bums on seats. Participant feedback on our last six monthly events has been tremendous (examples of feedback are shown on our past event pages), yet the number of participants coming to each event hasn't grown to a satisfactory or sustainable level.

We need new team members to help look at why this might be and take creative steps to address it - whether that be dedicated PR, hooking in to already established communities, getting someone famous on every panel, or viral podcasts etc.

We could also do with an event organiser, a video producer (one possibility is to start an Internet video channel) and possibly a fundraiser.

So that's:

  • Promotion / PR / hustling
  • Panel enrollment
  • Event organisation
  • Video production
  • Fundraising

We already have people in place for the admin systems, website development, photography and entertainment booking.

TED is a good example of the kind of organisation that Café of Ideas aspires to be - not necessarily on quite TED's scale, and there are definite differences (Café of Ideas is far more participative, for example) but there's no reason we shouldn't be a profitable going concern that equals or surpasses TED in the value our events provide participants.

If you're interested, please fill out our our enquiry form and in the "Nature of enquiry" field select "I may be interested in playing a role on the team".

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