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Dreamer, Puppet or Player

How do I create a vision that inspires action?


Thursday 21 May 2009


7pm - 10pm


Chapel Arts Centre, Main Studio, Chapel Arts, Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1QR, United Kingdom

To achieve results in any field of endeavour, I must have a clear vision. But vision alone is not enough. Unless I also take action, all I have is a dream. To achieve really significant results, usually others must join my vision and also take action - whether seeking to build businesses, market products, change society, transform the environment, or take direct action on a political issue. So what are the key characteristics of a strong vision and/or an enrolling visionary leader?


On The Panel We Had

Derek Cheshire, an international expert in the application of Creativity and Innovation to business and the management of continuous Innovation at local, regional and national levels. He actively encourages and promotes the use of creative techniques in everyday business processes. His work encompasses consultancy, idea generation and facilitating continuous innovation as well as facilitating and chairing conference events and on stage interviewing.

Keith Farnish, an environmental writer, philosopher and activist who, in a former life, was a business continuity and IT security manager, and before that an uncommonly enthusiastic Geography graduate. He lives in Essex, UK with his wife and two children, and has recently rediscovered his love of Geography. As a full time father, environmental writer and burgeoning self-sufficient individual he is proud to be classified as “economically non-viable”.

Nick Gill, a mathematician during the day, who over the last six years has participated in the Cambridge and Bristol IndyMedia Collectives, as well as various other grass roots organisations, particularly in relation to the peace movement.

Tom Nichols is in the process of completing a masters degree at SOAS whilst also organising a business venture in Ghana with the aim of improving access to resources, and the efficiency of resource use, in medicine and agriculture.

The Entertainment Was

Live music from Melt The Tigers.

A Big Thank You To

Martin Tompkins for the photography, Jenna Graves of Snowglobe Events for production managing the event, promotion and consultancy support, Jonathan Turton-Smith for the lighting design, Chapel Arts for the space, SuperMegaActionPlus for the video animation, and JR Ryan for the original concept.







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