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Themes for Events

When we put on events for the general public, we tend to go for global human themes like story, power, happiness, love, sex and money. For private events, in partnership with you, we tailor one of these themes to something more relevant to your organisation or community.

The most important thing is to find a theme most likely to chime with your audience. In all honesty, the topic chosen is fairly incidental to the event's effectiveness - it's the way the event is set-up, the knowledge and character of the panel, the nature of the entertainment and the process we go through that counts.

As such, the theme chosen is more of a promotional tool than anything else - we're looking for something that will be most likely to engage your audience and have them want to actively participate.

Having said that, the list below gives examples of our general themes, then how they could be tailored to your workforce or community members.

  1. STORY: How narrative gives form to human life.
    1. For an organisation: What kind of story are we telling and how is it impacting our organisation? What story do we want to tell?
    2. For a local community: What's the story people have of our community? How can we tell a positive story?
  2. POWER: What is it? Who wants it? Who needs it? Who has it?
    1. For an organisation: How are different kinds of power being used or abused in our organisation?
    2. For a local community: Who has the power in our community? Do we trust them to use it wisely?
  3. HAPPINESS: Who wants some?
    1. For an organisation: How can we be happy and successful?
    2. For a local community: How can we help each other be happy?
  4. LOVE: Familial love, sexual love, universal love. What do we really mean by love?
    1. For an organisation: Can we truly care for each other and still do our jobs?
    2. For a local community: Where is the love?
  5. SEX: What's the big deal?
    1. For a corporation: Fun, teasing, flirtation, harrassment: What's the difference, where's the line?
    2. For a local community:  Let's talk about sex.
  6. MONEY: What's it good for?
    1. For a corporation: Is it all about the money?
    2. For a local community: What do we need money for? What can we achieve without it?

If you're interested in commissioning a Café of Ideas event, please call Pete Francomb on 07717 826274 or fill in our enquiry form and select "I'm interested in commissioning a Café of Ideas for my company/organisation" from the "Nature of enquiry" drop-down.

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