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Process for Commissioning and Producing an Event


  1. We meet you to discuss the theme, the number of participants, the venue and other details of your potential event.
  2. We come back to you with a final quote. If you're happy to proceed;
  3. You get us a list of email addresses and phone numbers for the people who will be participating.
  4. We set a date and organise everything, including promoting the event to your participants and "seeding" them with some questions to think about.
  5. You get your people to the appointed place at the appointed time.
  6. The event happens.
  7. We follow up with research to measure the impact of the event and to reconnect participants with anything useful that came out of it.
  8. We present this research to you.

If you're interested in commissioning a Café of Ideas event, please call Pete Francomb on 07717 826274 or fill in our enquiry form and select "I'm interested in commissioning a Café of Ideas for my company/organisation" from the "Nature of enquiry" drop-down.


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